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Customs Brokers
Customs House Brokers
To assure the lowest delivered cost per shipment, Dell Will is well versed in determining proper classifications, quotas and valuation issues. Constantly keeping up with changes in law and regulation, Our licensed staff coordinates the entry of goods through 40 different governCustoms Brokeragement agencies.
NAFTA Certification
Dell Will can help you wade through the regulations to insure that your product is compliant and eligible for all the benefits of NAFTA entry. To take advantages of the North American Free Trade Act the completion of a NAFTA Certificate is required. However, certain compliance issues must be considered before this form is ready to go.
The recovery of import duties on an export may sound out of place, but in some cases, Dell Will can obtain these remissions for you. Drawback is a highly complex program that may work for you. Contact Dell Will to see if you are eligible on your exports for these refunds.
Consultation & Training
Whether guidance on an upcoming Customs audit, or teaching a primer import class to your employees, Dell Will can assist with your training. Understanding classification issues, obtaining government rulings, or just trying to find a less expensive way to move product is just some of the areas our experienced consulting group can help.
Cross Border Shipments Coordination
With Offices on both sides of the US/Canadian Border, Dell Will can assist with the custom's entry into either country. Dell Will is only one of a select few brokers that can offer you the advantages of this highest level of dual-country services.
Import Air and Ocean Transportation
Air Freight Forwarding
Whether Importing or Exporting, Dell Will can coordinate your air shipments between any two airports in the world.
Ocean Freight Forwarding
Our Expertise in the handling of ocean consignments won't leave your shipments sitting on the pier.
Local Cartage
Whether you need delivery across the city or across the country, we have the delivery vehicle for you. In many cases, same day delivery is possible for those rush imports and line-down situations.
Export Air and Ocean Transportation
Global Logistics
Third Party Logistics Provider
The Dell Will network of agents and offices can assist with the transportation of product between any two points in the world. Whether it is strictly documentation or the physical movement of cargo or anything in between, we are all the logistics provider you need.
Project Services / Project Management
Transporting the overweight and oversized shipment can be done through our Project Services department. From start to finish, Dell Will can become a part of your traffic department working with trucking companies, marine terminals and through local and state agencies.